Colloidal Silver Dog Shampoo

Silver Sudz Colloidal Silver Dog Shampoo is very effective at treating various skin ailments, while soothing sensitive skin! Colloidal silver provides a natural alternative to using medicated shampoos. this shampoo is all natural, made with organic oils and scented with 100% essential oils, not fragrance. Use of this shampoo will provide relief from hot spots, sores, skin infections (bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic), dermatitis, dandruff and other skin conditions. Have the confidence of knowing you are using a healing product on your pets without all of the harsh chemicals that may be causing a host of other illnesses. Make the switch today!


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Flea & Tick Spray

Our pets are not excluded when it comes to toxins/chemicals in the products used on them.  If you believe that natural products are better for your family, please don't forget about your pets! If you use toxic products on them, it is highly likely that these chemicals will possibly pose a threat to your family members, especially children and the elderly.

When we think about eliminating fleas, the most important step we can take is regular bathing of our pets with REAL soap (like our colloidal silver shampoo) and not synthetic detergents (most commercial products). The oils/fats of soap will disrupt the cell membrane of insects (fleas included), leading to dehydration and death.

After washing, a great flea/tick spray can prove very beneficial in eliminating these pests from your pets. That's where we come into play! We have formulated our spray with ACV (pests absolutely hate), colloidal silver (antimicrobial benefits for the skin) and essential oils that have been researched and proven to help repel theses pests!



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Dip Treatment for Pets


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