Vaginal Steaming Herbs-General Blend

This a is general blend of herbs for at home vaginal steaming. Steaming has been historically used (successfully) to assist with various conditions related to the female reproductive system. If you need a blend to address specific conditions, please pay for a consultation and we will contact you to set up a consultation time!

You will get 3-4 steams from this package, depending on how much you use at once.


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Herbal Feminine Wash

This foaming feminine wash is handmade with our colloidal silver castile soap (made with organic oils and organic infused herbs). It is very gentle and safe to use on sensitive skin. The colloidal silver in this wash gives many additional benefits (fights bacteria, viruses, fungus, kills odors, etc). We add a very small amount of organic essential oil for a light, pleasant scent.

For external use only.

Scented with Rose essential oil 


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Colloidal Silver Feminine Hygiene Spritz

This colloidal silver spritz is hydrating and refreshing. The colloidal silver kills any lurking bacteria, viruses, fungus that may be present externally. Additionally, colloidal silver is great for eliminating odor. This product is made with organic ingredients.

Witch  hazel (organic) is added for it's astringent properties. Lightly scented using all natural essential oils

Scented with Geranium Rose essential oil


Hold bottle 8-12 inches away from your body and spritz. This product is intended for external use only. Store in a cool, dry place.


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Stay Fresh Duo

Our Colloidal silver Herbal feminine wash and feminine spritz available as a set.



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Boric Acid Suppositories (Vegetable Capsules)

575 mg (applicator included).

Boric Acid is a naturally occurring compound that has been known for many years (100+) to assist women in fighting vaginal infections (like bacterial vaginosis, bacterial vaginitis, yeast infections). Some allopathic physicians have even advised their patients to use boric acid for stubborn infections that prescription medications were not able to eliminate. Boric acid is a SAFE and AFFORDABLE alternative to conventional treatments. Boric acid mechanism is to bring your vagina's pH level back to its normal range (infections can only occur when the pH is off).


  • Be sure you have been diagnosed prior to starting treatment
  • Boric acid suppositories are NOT FOR ORAL USE; insert vaginally
  • Insert 1 suppository at night for 7-10 days (if infections are more severe, insert 1 suppository twice daily) 
  • If you experience severe discomfort, discontinue use (if symptoms continue, see your physician)
  • Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Do not use if you have open wounds in the vagina
  • Applicator is disposable (for sanitary purposes, it is advised to dispose after each use; order additional applicators as necessary)

25 count


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Suppository Applicator-Disposable

Order as necessary to accompany the boric acid suppositories


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