Facial Detox & Cleansing Bar

This bar was created to help combat all skin issues, but particularly acne! The activated charcoal in this soap assists with clearing the bacteria in acne (yes, acne is basically bacteria; that's why we usually see "pus" if we pop pimples). Activated charcoal is also anti-inflammatory, so it helps to soothe inflammation caused by acne. It also helps with the appearance of scars and blemishes and reduces excess oil in the skin. These are just some of the benefits that activated charcoal has on the skin. Let's talk about the turmeric in this bar of soap. Research has shown that turmeric is very beneficial for fighting acne. It works by helping to fight the underlying causes of skin inflammation (which leads to the acne). 

*If you decide to use turmeric as a part of your anti-acne regimen, please discontinue the use of any OTC topical medications. You do not want to dry your skin out too much, as this may cause a breakout as well.


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Rejuvenating Facial Serum

 The ingredients in this facial serum have been carefully selected to provide tremendous benefits to the skin when used properly. There is scientific research that provides evidence of the effectiveness of the oils used (in combination or alone). This serum will naturally provide your skin with much needed nutrients such as Vitamin A (be mindful of this and don't use products that contain retinoids while using this serum), fatty acids, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and more! It is anti-inflammatory and rich in antioxidants, therefore it provides protection from free radicals. This serum is very light and absorbs easily into the skin. 


1 oz bottle



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"Simply Clean" Facial Mask

This mask combines activated bamboo charcoal, sulfur, and hibiscus flower powder. The properties of the ingredients: 

Activated bamboo charcoal helps keep bacteria that causes acne. It is anti-inflammatory and also helps with the appearance of scars and blemishes. It also reduces excess oil in the skin.

Sulfur helps to dry excess sebum (oil) from the surface of the skin. It also dries keeps dead skin cells dried up (this helps to keep your pores unclogged). Sulfur is also antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. 

Hibiscus helps to gently cleanse the skin and promote dead skin cells to shed. It also helps reduce acne scars (a form of hyperpigmentation).


Place 1/4-1/2 tsp of powder in a bowl. Add water a little at a time until a spreadable paste is formed. Begin applying, in a circular motion, starting from cheeks out, then address the chin and forehead area. Focus mostly on where your acne is troublesome. Leave on for 10-15 min. Rinse with warm water and then pat face dry with a clean cloth.  This mask should be used once/week initially. If you have no reaction to the product, then you may gradually increase your usage up to 3 times/week.


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