Liquid Castile Baby Wash

This body wash has been carefully formulated and balanced to be used on the most delicate skin: your baby's.  The colloidal silver provides many benefits, and the lavender and chamomile essential oils may help calm your baby. You may love this soap enough to use it yourself!  You don't need much of this soap...a little goes a long way!

It's ALL Good!

Organic saponified Olive Oil, Colloidal Silver, Organic saponified Castor Oil, Chamomile Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil 


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Chest Rub

This rub is formulated with an organic plant wax, organic vegetable oils and/or organic butters (per availability). Organic menthol is added to this rub to assist with clearing the nasal passageways, allowing you to breathe easier. Get a good night's sleep, even when you're congested...add some elderberry syrup or tincture in your cart if you're dealing with cold/flu symptoms as well!

This is milder version of the regular strength chest rub, making it suitable for babies, young children and those who are sensitive to strong scents!


Place a dime-sized amount in the palm of your hand and rub onto baby's chest. Using the same amount, rub into the soles of baby's feet and place socks on.

Organic avocado oil, organic shea butter, organic menthol, organic peppermint essential oil.


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Baby Powder and Diaper Rash Powder

With all the information available to us about the dangers of talc, why would anyone still use this on their baby? Fortunately, we have a safer, talc-free alternative, which was inspired by our little man! You can feel good knowing that there are no harsh chemicals in this powder; be sure you choose the age appropriate baby powder.  It is best to put the powder on your hands and apply to baby's bottom.

It's ALL Good!

3 months: Arowroot powder*, food-grade bentonite clay, oatmeal*, kaolin clay, crushed and blended herbs and flowers*


Diaper powder:

Helps keep baby's bottom dry and free of irritation. Made with kaolin clay, arrowroot*, tapioca*, zinc oxide powder, oatmeal*, bentonite clay (food-grade), lavender*, chamomile* and LOVE




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Extra Gentle Bar*

Gentle bar made especially for those sensitive to smells, this bar is unscented. Made with *organic base ingredients.


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Baby-Be-Calm Roll-On

A blend of relaxing lavender and chamomile is just what a fussy baby needs! Well, after every other need has been met, of course. Bathe baby in our baby wash, rub baby down with the butter, and roll this oil onto baby's chest and covers for a good nap.

*Please only use on baby if older than 3 months...otherwise just roll onto covers/blankets.


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Truly Whipped Baby Butter* 8oz

Available in Unscented or Lavender/Chamomile blend. Made with *organic ingredients and oils.


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"Goodbye Fungus" Salve

This is a very versatile product. It is very effective at fighting fungal infections, including diaper rash. We can proudly say that our 16 month old has never had a diaper rash break out, thanks to this salve, the colloidal silver diaper rash cream and the colloidal silver gel! If you have a little one (or an elderly loved one), this is a must have! No need for the harmful chemicals; nature has provided us with everything we need to heal ourselves.

*Organic vegetable oils (with great moisturizing properties) have been slow infused with *organic herbs/flowers with high anti-fungal properties. This salve is a natural alternative to help combat fungal problems, including those caused by candida (the most common cause of diaper rash).


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