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    Umi (Friday, 05 June 2020 15:45)

    Wow! These healing body care products are amazing. I love the feminine wash and the soaps are supreme. I've been buying natural products for years and this is my first time buying some that have colloidal silver. Thank you for providing the village with a quality product that heals, raises the frequency of the people as well as smell absolutely incredible.
    ~Umi, Brooklyn NY

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    Nickoya Hoyte (Saturday, 09 May 2020 04:46)

    Excellent handcrafted hebal products. Superior friendly customer service is the reason I will continue to get my soaps, seamoss, CBD and colloidal silver products from Silver Sudz!! Great work!!

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    Diamond Kay (Thursday, 16 April 2020 11:07)

    Very kind and patient. Professional and knowledgeable as well. I got the elderberry infused seamoss. Will definitely be getting more. They even included a sample bar of silver sudz soap.

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    Michelle Carr (Wednesday, 15 April 2020 21:14)

    (2/14/2019) FB page review:
    I ordered the Elderberry syrup and it tasted wonderful enough for the kids to take it without reasoning. When I feel a little something trying to come on I take a spoonful and it knocks it right out! I will be stocking up soon!!!

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    Jamaal Shu Dickerson (Wednesday, 15 April 2020 21:10)

    (3/25/2020) FB page review:

    I ordered the 7 day detox just to try it out. I loved it so much I ordered 14 more days worth to complete the suggested 21 days. No side effects, no running to the bathroom. I strongly recommend!! Fast shipping

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    Chip (Robin) Rouse (Wednesday, 15 April 2020 21:09)

    (2/15/2019) FB page review:

    What's not to love? Everything is awesome!!

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    Gwen England (Wednesday, 15 April 2020 21:04)

    (9/6/2018) FB page review:

    Ever since I started using colloidal silver soaps I can feel how much stronger my immune system has become! It feels so soft, and the customer service is immaculate. This familia has and continues to do research as well as educate the masses on the power of their products. You try it once and you won't go back!

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    Nancy Santos Graves (Wednesday, 15 April 2020 21:03)

    (8/10/2018) from FB page:

    I love these products!!!

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    Eya Kwento (Wednesday, 15 April 2020 21:02)

    (2/5/2019) FB Page review:

    We love Silver Sudz wonderful natural soaps, shampoo, & lotions.

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    Shanelle Cooper (Wednesday, 15 April 2020 21:01)

    my review is from August 22, 2019. Original review is on FB page

    I love all of these natural products. The black charcoal bar has helped improve my combination skin type. No more dry/dull skin. These products are the healthiest option for skin care and does exactly what the creator says they will do.
    I always have a great customer service experience as well!

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    Vanessa Barnes (Wednesday, 15 April 2020 20:59)

    Got my products today, again a fast and easy process, very professional..first time ordering pain salve ( with CBD) rubbed it in right away, has an amazing fragrance, I could feel it working right away

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    Derrick Brown (Wednesday, 15 April 2020 20:57)

    Thank you, for your prompt delivery. I am a week in and I am satisfied. 5 STARS. I will order more soon

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    Diamond Proctor (Saturday, 11 April 2020 21:13)

    Everything Dade touch is amazing�. I love all his products. Also the customer service is amazing.Thank you!

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    Nia Kamau (Sunday, 03 February 2019 13:31)

    I have been a fan of Silver Sudz for a while now. I got my first sample of it a few years ago when Dade gave it to me as a zawadi (gift) for Kwanzaa. The lavender soap smells so good and is really healthy for my skin. I also brought the colloidal silver and my immune system thanks me for it. Working in child care it is very easy for me to get sick so I need to take whatever measures I can to protect my health. I will be trying some new products and new soap flavors soon.

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    Jumoke Boston (Thursday, 17 January 2019 23:34)

    I met this couple during a vending event in Baltimore, and even though they have relocated, I have never looked back to other outlets for bath, hair and healthcare products. I bought some of their soap and other products at that event. I fell in love with their products (especially soaps) and use them exclusively now. I recently purchased their shampoos (red clay and the colloidal silver lemon grass) and their leave-in conditioner and I love it. It's comforting knowing that I'm using shampoo and conditioner on my scalp that I don't have to decipher what those foreign sounding ingredients are and whether they're harmful. I'm thrilled with the products and feel really confident that I'm using natural, chemical-free products! I love the colloidal silver and use it on any skin, gum, eye issue and just spray on for a refresher! The Hemp Seed oil is another of my favorites. I'm so happy to see SilverSudz stretching out with new products and look forward to trying them (especially the coffee). I refer my friends and family to them and recommend them highly to anyone searching for natural, healthy, made-with-love products.

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    Bethany Williams (Sunday, 13 January 2019 16:47)

    Wow! The elderberry syrup plus and tonic is amazing. Taste is good and it really seemed to help my baby get over a nasty cold. I add it to her sippy cup and to my tea almost daily. The customer service is the best I've experienced hands down. This family cares about quality of their product and about providing a good customer experience. I will be a customer as long as they keep selling.

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    Kennede Duncan (Thursday, 20 September 2018 15:18)

    Owners of Silver Sudz,

    I just received my oral care package in the mail and I am very excited to use it! Thank you for the care of the package, the open flow of communication, and the speedy shipping time. I appreciate how you both are trying to educate and change the mindset of our people. Thank you both again!

    Kenneded Duncan

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    Tori Frappier (Wednesday, 05 September 2018 22:07)

    Absolutely love this soap! The colloidal silver really makes my skin feel soft and refreshed. I have always been one to clean my face with soap and now that I use this it really balances out my oily skin. I have received so many compliments on my face and skin being so pretty and clear. I love the way the soap smells also. It’s not to strong.

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    Tawanda Wilson (Thursday, 26 July 2018 16:04)

    I will definitely will be a loyal customer. Not only the products are good but the customer service is awesome. I was sent my product and. the post office showed it was delivered. It never was and everything was handled in a timely matter. My product was hand delivered to me with no problem. I truly appreciate everything and will continue to shop for my Colloidal Silver drops. My health has been extremely good since using this product as well.

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    LaTashia (Sunday, 08 July 2018 13:27)

    The reason for this message is to testify about this colloidal silver...for the longest time, my baby girl was "sick" with GI issues. Well, NO hospital visit for the past TWO MONTHS; UTI was completely cleared up. Now to the hemp seed oil: THIS has my baby moving more than usual and actually interested in nature when we go for walks now. Final review (tooth powder): when baby girl SEES me getting the lil jar it's in, she opens her mouth (as wide as she can), sticks out her finger and touches her teeth (and says, "TEETH"). I'm overjoyed as a parent of a child with special needs to see/witness such progress since making these LIFE CHANGING purchases from your company. I wanted to let you and your family know, cuz these doctors keep asking me what i'm doing; I lie to them to keep them from knowing! THANK YOU, and i'm overjoyed about this...THANK YOU! We love and really do appreciate what you and your family do for us out here! Please, don't eva stop!!!!

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    Monica B. (Sunday, 17 June 2018 16:38)

    I am really loving the deodorant. It smells clean, refreshing and I only apply a little and it lasts for hours. Also, I appreciate the travel sizes because I can carry it around in my bag for touch-ups. Great product. Can't wait to try the loofah soap.

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    Shantae (Saturday, 16 June 2018 07:25)

    - I received my order in a fast timely manner . Once I got it I tried the peppermint lip scrub it's amazing! Has my lips feeling super soft like a facial. These products are awesome..#natural care.

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    Yaa Kenyatta (Tuesday, 29 May 2018 20:10)

    My husband has only been using the colloidal silver shampoo with pink clay for just a few days and he has already noticed improvement in his scalp. His scalp used to be very sensitive to touch and had small dandruff spots, but after less than one week his scalp looks and feels so healthy! We definitely will be using SiverSudz from now on.

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    Shantaneika Wright (Tuesday, 29 May 2018 09:16)

    Let me start off by saying that all the products that I've ever used from you guys has been nothing short of amazing! The latest product I've used is the Pink Clay Colloidal Silver Shampoo and Conditoner and OMG these are by far my favorite products. I didn't have to wet my hair 2-3 times before I could get a good lather, it lathered the very first time. Not only does it provide great moisture for your hair, but it also works as a detangler. I've never had a "natural" product where I didn't have to let the product sit before combing my hair out so that my head would not be sore. I use the conditioner as a daily leave in conditioner and I get compliments all the time. You guys put the meaning in NATURAL.

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    Tonya Jones (Thursday, 17 May 2018 21:02)

    I was chosen to be one of the testers for the new shampoo that's coming out! All I have to say is : AMAZING! You guys have once again made a product that is beyond awesome. I love every product I have tried from you all. I'm glad to have found a company that truly means "all natural" in every sense. I don't have to worry about any hidden chemicals (ie, colors and fragrances included). Thank you Silver Sudz, you have a forever customer in me!

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    Tre'la Bishop (Wednesday, 18 April 2018 19:11)

    I ordered 3 bars and charcoal bamboo and let’s just say I’m impressed. I received amazing customer service with the wife and husband! I was very impressed with their services.

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    LaTashia (Friday, 02 March 2018 09:53)

    wonderful experience all around. got my 1st order a day ago, and came right back to the site and placed another order!! my daughter, (has special needs) her face and body language when i washed her down in the soap(s) followed by one of the whipped body butters.... amazing.. she had a wonderful morning.. this product line is amazing and I'll be a customer for as long as they are in business... i enjoy supporting black owned businesses!!!!! 10's across the board!!!!

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    Teca (Wednesday, 21 February 2018 13:14)

    Let me tell U! This is the BEST Soap & Product Line for Skin Care I have come across... EVER!! Listen, Soap so good, when the soaps get small.. I put them in a container off to the side, so when I run out of soap.. I can make a lil mix-down... & don't let a lil water get in there.. U got a whole bar of soap.. a nice blend too, might I add!! I have used just about EVERY soap & product this brother and sister have made... Quality!! Quality!! Quality!! OH!!! My daughter burned herself with some hot water.. 2nd degree burn... We applied the colloidal silver to the burn along with the hemp seed oil, & her burn healed nicely... no scars or blemish afterward!

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    Khiana (Monday, 19 February 2018 23:07)

    No more commercial soap for me! I am a forever customer! Silver Suds products have been such a wonderful experience! I love everything I've tried, its too hard to pick a favorite!
    I'm never disappointed when I place an order. The soap lathers perfect and feels sensational!
    The Body Meringue is everything! If you haven't tried it, you must! The chapstick is also so lovely, its smooth, smells great, and its perfect for me. And now they have deodorant!! � Silver Sudz products has everything I need! I look forward to every order I place, can't wait till the next one!!

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    Arianna Tillery (Monday, 19 February 2018 09:48)

    One of the best experiences with customer service ever! My order is always acknowledged right away and shipped out to me the next day. The handmade soaps changed my life i won’t use anything else. You wil not be disappointed.

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    Veronica Ann Smith (Sunday, 04 February 2018 22:24)

    I've used the black charcoal silver soap and lotions. All of the products are exceptional. My skin thanks me for using Silver Sudz. And I want to thank you for producing such quality natural products.

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    Montressa Johnson (Friday, 02 February 2018 13:37)

    I absolutelyoved the body meringue! The texture leaves your skin hydrated, smooth and refreshed! I definitely will be using more products. The body wash is also refreshing and leaves your skin feeing great. The Service and packaging of the products were wonderful.

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    Shantaneika Wright (Thursday, 01 February 2018 08:51)

    I love Silver Sudz products and the soaps are absolutely Amazing! These soaps not only produce a great lather but they are also a great moisturizing soap as well. Silver Sudz, you guys will always have my support!

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    Shunda (Wednesday, 31 January 2018 23:15)

    Thanks Silver Sudz! I tried my lavender bar for the first time this morning. What an amazing experience! The lather is rich and the aroma of the lavender essential oil is relaxing. My entire bedroom suite was smelling like a spa! I will definitely be adding this to my basket again for my next order. This soap is of such great quality. I loom forward to trying out more of your products!

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    Iman Tatum (Monday, 29 January 2018 18:03)

    The products my family and I have used have been great from Silver Sudz! Love the products and professionalism of the company. We will definitely be reordering soon!

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    Robert Berry (Monday, 29 January 2018 17:56)

    The black charcoal-silver soap is amazing. My skin looks way better after just 2 days

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    Tameka (Monday, 29 January 2018 17:55)

    I LOVE these products! Everything i've tried has been nothing less than amazing for my skin. Thank you Silver Sudz, you have a loyal customer here!

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    Nubian (Tuesday, 23 January 2018 07:38)

    Love their products a lot!!!