Detox Consultation Services: Talk to Me!

 My goal is to assist individuals in living a healthier life with a holistic approach.  I am currently providing detox therapy services, meal planning  and shopping lists to assist with completing the detox successfully. Prior to detoxing, I will require a completed detox assessment so that I can evaluate any restrictions, limitations and develop the proper detox plan for each individual. This assessment is also necessary so that I am aware of any current or prior medical conditions and/or diagnosis. 


Womb Health Consultation- this is in place so that each client can be evaluated on any reproductive issues they are dealing with prior to creating a custom steam blend with the purpose of assisting women in healing themselves. You will be asked a series of questions pertaining to your health history. All information obtained will remain confidential and securely stored.


Herbal Therapy Consultation: for clients with medical conditions seeking to decrease (or eliminate) the need for pharmaceutical drugs. This consultation will be the beginning of a long road, but it will be a beautiful journey, nonetheless. I will ask for information that you may not feel comfortable sharing; please remember that your problems can not be addressed if they are unknown to me. I will keep all information securely stored in a locked space.


If you feel that you may need either of the above services, please select from the drop down. In the notes section, please provide a good contact number. 


*You will be contacted via the email address on  your order to schedule a time for your consultation.


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